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Posted by Darlene Rouleau on Aug 16, 2017 9:30:00 AM

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The technological landscape is constantly changing.  At New Century Software, we strive to stay on the cutting edge of new technology, understand its value, and use it for solutions that meet your business needs.  New technologies can provide great value; however, we also want to maintain a stable solution base for our clients.

Esri first released ArcGIS Pro in January 2015 as its new desktop client that integrates seamlessly with Portal for ArcGIS, provides an improved graphics engine including 3D, and performance enhancements.  Two features of particular interest to the development team at New Century Software are that,

  1. ArcGIS Pro is 64bit. We now have a larger memory set to work with as our clients’ datasets continue to grow.
  2. ArcGIS Pro is multi-threaded. This means that we can start up long running processes without blocking the ArcGIS Pro application from user interaction.  It also means that longer running processes can execute on multiple threads, thus decreasing processing time.

The ArcGIS Pro desktop application and software development kit (the Esri code we develop against) has matured and we recognize that you, our clients, have demonstrated interest in ArcGIS Pro.

In 2017, New Century Software plans to release our first extension to ArcGIS Pro: Express Loader for ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing (APR).  This tool will capitalize on the strengths of our current Express Loader solution such as validation, saved configuration mappings, and the ability to load across events.  Express Loader for APR in ArcGIS Pro will focus on the data models required to support APR: PODS Lite and UPDM.

Starting in 2018, New Century Software will begin migrating existing ArcMap extensions to ArcGIS Pro.  Spill Impact Analyst is one of the first applications that we plan to move to ArcGIS Pro.  We believe that the improved visualization, memory space, and processing power of ArcGIS Pro will enhance our current Spill Impact Analyst product.

As we continue with our 2018 release plans, we will consider the best technologies for our application solutions to meet your business needs.  Additional technology spaces that we are assessing include: the web, ArcGIS Portal, and cloud/distributed computing. 

Rather than just use technology because it’s trendy, New Century Software utilizes new technology to strategically solve your business problems.

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