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Posted by Jennifer on Sep 6, 2017 9:30:00 AM

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It’s been a busy year for the oil and gas industry, and we want to keep you in the know; so we found some articles over the past month for you to scan and get up to speed on. 

The whole world is feeling the pinch after Harvey knocks Texas energy offline

(CNBC- Patti Domm)

“Harvey's hit to logistics and refining highlights how important the U.S. has become to the global energy market, as an exporter of both oil and refined products like gasoline and diesel fuel.”

“More than 20 percent of U.S. refining capacity is offline due to the storm, and it could be several weeks before refineries are back up and running even if they are not damaged.”

Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Stakeholders Beware: 2017 Shows Sharp Increase in PHMSA Enforcement Actions

(Barnes & Thornburg)

“The [enforcement] increase is due to an increase in PHMSA’s focus on ensuring hazardous liquid pipeline operators comply with regulations regarding development of and adherence to pipeline safety policies and procedures.”

For Oil and Gas Industry, Innovation is Crucial to Survival

(Forbes- Jeff Thomson)

“Whether creating new products, new internal processes or entirely new ways of doing business, companies must consistently innovate to survive in today’s business climate. For companies within the oil and gas industry specifically, this couldn’t be truer.” 

Machine Learning Applies to Pipeline Leaks

(ASME- John Kosowatz)

“Existing detection systems mostly spot large problems, often visually by inspectors walking or flying over a pipeline. Internal systems commonly used in the oil and gas industry rely on computational pipeline modeling, which searches for anomalies in flow and pressure. That works well for large leaks, but falls short in finding smaller ones...”

With the use of machine learning, optical sensors, and algorithms, a Smart Leak Detection System is being created to better identify leaks of all sizes.

Canada’s transmission pipeline industry delivering on commitment to safety and transparency

(BOE Report- BOE Report Staff)

“The evolution of the industry has led to significant changes regarding safety, environmental protection and transparency in recent years. CEPA’s members are working together more now than ever before, setting aside competition and sharing information to make the industry better, and to build trust with Canadians. The industry’s unprecedented safety record of 99.999 percent over the last decade is evidence that the approach is working– but it’s still not good enough. The goal is zero incidents, and until that goal is achieved, there is still work to be done.”

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