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GIS Trends for 2016

Posted by Shelly on Mar 2, 2016 10:30:00 AM

We can’t predict the future. But as we settle into 2016, some interesting trends seem to be emerging in the world of GIS, mostly driven by changing data models, world events and climate change.


 How will the GIS world help during this uncertain time? The answer: By providing helpful, innovative and (quite frankly), very cool technology that really can solve critical problems and help make the world a better place.

 Here are some emerging GIS trends for 2016:

  • Utility & Pipeline Data Model (UPDM)
    • An emerging data model used for data storage and ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing (APR) to maintain data.
    • Why it’s so important:
      • Vertically integrated gas companies can combine transmission and distribution into a single data model.
      • Allows for direct integration with the Esri platform.
        • Distribute maps and data with ArcGIS Online/Portal
        • ArcGIS Pro
      • Its service-oriented architecture allows for customization and integration with existing systems.
    • Climate Change
      • Analyzing climate change and its effects on the earth gives us a big picture view, and another way to effectively manage the climate change crisis. Prince Charles summed it up best when he said that climate change leads to famine and drought, which causes folks to leave their homes in search of limited resources, which leads to anger, frustration and distress, which leads to terrorism.
      • Through geopolitical, social justice, human rights, democracy, and economic mapping (just to name a few), researchers can analyze the data, find answers, and make better decisions for the future.
    • Cheap Cloud Storage
      • Cloud storage is a good solution for storage, review, and the sharing of data. For example, a cloud company was able to share their historical North Korean nuclear testing site data and then compare it against that same site after North Korea supposedly conducted a thermo nuclear test. It was discovered that the site had been significantly expanded over the years. 
      • In the coming years, the ability to easily share high resolution imagery will be critical, as will the ability to use mobile devices in the field. Using data from the cloud, users can gather and transmit information much more quickly and efficiently using their mobile devices.

As the year progresses, it will be fun to see which of these trends really take hold and which, if any, fall away.


Topics: UPDM, Esri, GIS

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