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Posted by Jennifer on Oct 13, 2017 10:00:00 AM

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We've been busy attending conferences, hosting trainings and wrapping up projects for the year, and we're sure you're probably in the same boat. During that time, you might've missed out on some discussions of new and enhanced technologies, and different approaches to industry services and problems. Not to worry though, we have compiled our last five webinars touching on these topics for you to check out. Enjoy!

Integrating Spatial Risk Analyst with Risk Services

Built by and for risk engineers, Spatial Risk Analyst leverages models and algorithms to accelerate your ability to plan appropriate measures for prevention and mitigation. This webinar takes a deep dive into the inner workings of the application including what’s new and the direction it is heading.

A Look at Vendor-Agnostic ILI Run Comparison

How do you get the most out of your In-Line Inspections using effective anomaly matching without being limited by ILI vendor or tool technology? We explore some common pitfalls, benefits and drawbacks of ILI vendor-based comparisons, methods to compare more than two inspections, reviewing raw data to resolve discrepancies, and using the results of run comparison to make better integrity decisions.

Express Loader 8.0: Improved Loading Options

The release of Express Loader 8.0 improved options for loading different types of data. This webinar provides a preview of new features and enhancements such as; the option to load data that references Inactive Domain values, the ability to load to Offline Events tables and feature classes, and more. 

A Guide to Tolerance Criteria for Risk Results

Of the various risk assessment methodologies the pipeline industry has implemented, very few have established risk tolerance criteria. However, some countries like the United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Brazil, have defined and adopted risk tolerance limits, and the purpose of this webinar is to review these techniques and discuss the possible adoption in the United States.

Utilizing Web GIS

This webinar discusses how to leverage Web GIS to share your PODS data with other users within your organization. It outlines how your GIS department can engage users and the most efficient way to prioritize projects and show the value your GIS department provides. Dive into what a typical Web GIS deployment looks like, and learn how your organization can access a variety of spatial products through your Web GIS.

Want to see what other webinars we have completed and have coming up? Be sure to check our New Century and Integrity Plus webpages, and look for announcements on our social media accounts. 

Topics: Risk Management, Spatial Risk Analyst, Web GIS, Express Loader, ILI Run Comparison

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