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Invest in On-boarding Employees

Posted by Luke Whitrock & Jennifer Harper on May 11, 2017 8:50:00 AM

Starting a new job can bring a lot of mixed emotions: excitement, anxiety, and even frustration. The most critical time for any new employee is their first six to twelve months on the job. During this time, most employees will determine if their job role and organization are a good fit, making it critical for organizations to create a comfortable environment that encourages growth. The best way to do this is by putting employees through an on-boarding program.

Not totally convinced? Here are three reasons why on-boarding is important.

Creates a Comfortable Environment

Being thrown into a new situation, no matter how prepared someone might be, can be stressful!  Employees can spend too much time worrying about meeting employer expectations rather than actually doing their work. Create a welcoming and helpful environment that encourages open communication and allows employees to ask questions, thus minimizing the need for guesswork.

Speeds Up Employee Productivity

No matter the experience of the employee, each organization functions differently and requires knowledge sharing. On-boarding is a great tool to develop employee job knowledge, making the transition into their daily role much smoother, and giving them a better understanding of how their role relates to the organization as a whole. This can reduce non-productive time, employee turnover, and quickly increase a new hire’s job proficiency, saving the organization time and money.

Saves Money

Losing an employee at any level is costly, both financially and through lost knowledge. “Spending” money up front on training hours might seem like a wasted expense, but these hours will benefit the company in the long run when a new hire can work independently sooner. A good on-boarding program can lower an organization’s turnover rate by ensuring new and existing employees are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their role, as well as providing them with a sense of importance in the organization, thus increasing employee retention.

On-boarding is a mutually beneficial process when done right. Empowering employees gives the employee the encouragement and the self-confidence needed in order to become a successful contributor, while at the same time making employees feel more connected with the organization's vision. The overall goal of employers and new employees should be to integrate them into the organization, its culture, and reduce their time to productivity.

If you need help getting new employees quickly up to speed on integrity management, data management, or DOT compliance we can help! Integrity Plus Pipeline Institute offers specialized on-boarding courses, as well as a first-year advising program. Click here to get the details or contact us today. 

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