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Posted by Jennifer on Dec 8, 2016 11:00:00 AM

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As a software and service provider we look for different ways to share our knowledge with customers, and one of the best ways is through trainings. We are always wanting to improve our trainings to find the most efficient and beneficial way to do them. Over the course of the last year and a half, our training program has gone through a bit of a makeover, and we think we have found a great compromise of old and new.  

Below are the three main components of our new training program: NCSU.

Dedicated Trainer

On the software side of things we now have a dedicated trainer, Andy Sauer. With hisandy-demo.jpg extensive background in teaching and training, Andy has been instrumental in
getting content up to date and providing a new look and feel. From the most complicated topic or process to the easiest, Andy finds a way to make it exciting and easy to understand. For example, check out this video animation on Gas HCA Structure Count Methods. Since August of 2015, Andy has been hard at work completing 21 trainings to a total of 127 participants. We can’t wait to do even more trainings in 2017!


NCSU provides the flexibility to select the course structure that best fits your learning style, answers your questions, and accommodates your budget, from self-
paced online courses to in-class trainings to customized workflow consultations. NCSU-4.pngEach type of training provides a different, but equally beneficial experience, and gives participants access to training materials through our NCSU learning portal to reference days, weeks, or even months after receiving a training.    

Open-House Trainings 

Want that in-class training experience, but are only one of many at your organization needing it? Don’t worry this year we are expanding the amount and variety of one to two day open-house trainings. We’ll be holding these courses and workshops in both of our main office locations, Fort Collins and Houston, throughout 2017. Here’s a few of the trainings to look out for:

  • APR
  • SheetCutter & TemplateDesigner
  • Alignment Manager & ILI Basics
  • Integrated New Construction Workflow
  • Integrity Management Programs

    Head on over to our enrollment page to request more information about the trainings we offer.

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