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Managing Offline Events

Posted by Shelly on Dec 2, 2015 6:36:47 AM

 Did you know that the latest release of Facility Manager now supports Offline Events? Yeah, we’re excited about it too!

You may be asking yourself: What are Offline Events? And, would this functionality benefit my organization?

Compressor Station Dalby 

Here’s a brief explanation of what they are: Offline Events are features associated with a pipeline that are not directly on that pipeline. Examples include: structures, such as wells and meter stations, or site facilities, like tanks or compressor stations.

Offline Events impact the centerline without actually being on the centerline; and, for this reason, they pose a challenge: they are offset from the centerline. How do you deal with linear referencing if an event is not even on the centerline?

New Century Software has provided you with a solution to this conundrum: Facility Manager! It deals directly with this linear referencing challenge.

Utilizing Facility Manager, you can now create and edit Offline Events in both ArcMap and standalone Facility Manager:

  • ArcMap editing: Shapes are stored in a Feature Class as a feature
  • Facility Manager standalone: Shapes are stored in a PODS Offline Event table

This flexibility allows your company to define offline events in a way that makes sense to you:

  • Add data to Offline Event tables
  • Link Offline Event records to one or more routes
  • Link Offline Event feature classes to an Offline Event record
  • View the Impacted Offline Events Report to check for linked Offline Events that need updating

Still not convinced that you need the latest release of Facility Manager? Check out the diagram below and join us on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 at 1pm MST/2pm CST for a free webinar, Managing Offline Events.

Offline Events

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