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Posted by Sarah on Oct 20, 2016 10:30:00 AM

When questions or issues arise, we want to make sure that you get connected to a help resource quickly! We have an amazing Support team that is here to help, but we also have some other resources that you can utilize for quick answers.



Your number one resource when you encounter an issue or are confused by a workflow is our thoroughly detailed documentation. From checking for known issues in our release notes to troubleshooting advice in the user guide, there are several elements in our documentation that should be your first stop when trying to solve a problem.

First, we have context sensitive help, meaning if you press the F1 key or the blue question mark icon on any page in any of our applications, you will be directed straight to the topic in the user guide that pertains to what you are doing. No more aimless searching for the topic you want; you’re always just a click away!

Almost all of our user guides have appendices that have information on building expressions, understanding complicated processes, identifying error codes, and more. We also have Tips & Tricks or Troubleshooting topics for some applications to address some tricky items and frequently asked questions or learn to examine and debug some processes. Some user guides even have interactive tutorial videos that will walk you through workflows!

Support Center Solutions Tab 

Another valuable resource is the Solutions tab in Support Center. The Support team publishes workarounds and resolutions to common problems in a searchable tab. The answer you are looking for may already be out there!

If you aren’t able to find your answer, it is worth checking the release notes for that application, which are accessible at the top of the left hand navigation in the user guide. Our documentation is dynamic and can be updated on-the-fly. If an issue is determined at the time of or after release, it will be logged in the release notes as a known issue, which will be addressed in the next release. If your problem is listed in the known issues, take note of the work item ID and notify Support that you are waiting for the resolution to ensure you are included on the announcement when the fix is available.

Submit Support Ticket

Once you have tried some of the suggested options for resolving your issue, please log a ticket in Support Center (Preferred  Method) or send an email to Be sure to include the following:

  1. Specify the Application Name and Version (i.e. Alignment Manager 4.0.0)
    • This can be found in Programs and Features from your Start Menu OR within the application by clicking the Help dropdown and selecting About.
  2. Indicate the Priority of the issue; this ensures that we understand your needs. Someone in Support will respond to your ticket within four business hours.
    • High: We will do our best to resolve the issue or supply a workaround within 2 business days.
    • Normal: We will do our best to resolve the issue or supply a workaround within 3 business days.
    • Low: We will do our best to resolve the issue or supply a workaround within 5 business days.

Note: We always strive to help you in the most efficient manner, so the majority of tickets are responded to within the same day they are received.

  1. In the Subject field, enter a descriptive title of the error message or issue.
    • If you submit a ticket via email, the subject of your email will become the Title of your support ticket.
  2. Indicate the Operating System and ArcGIS Version you are using.
  3. Write clear and detailed Steps to Reproduce.
    • Please include screenshots, if appropriate.
    • Ensure errors are fully expanded to show the entire error message.

We are doing everything we can to make sure that you never have a question that goes unanswered. We hope you will utilize the resources we have provided for you and let us know what you think!

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