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Our 2017 Resolutions

Posted by Jennifer on Dec 29, 2016 10:30:00 AM

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Boy, did 2016 really fly by! We’re looking ahead to 2017 and what we wish to accomplish in the new year. Three main goals stood out:

Staying Ahead of the Game

The way GIS data is handled and stored is expanding and changing through new data model options, cloud technology, and the need for data to be more mobile and accessible. We’ve recognized this need and partnered with Esri to make it happen.

Our software and services teams have been working hard to expand our expertise on Esri’s ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing (APR) tool, as well as an online portal to create widgets and mobile apps. Through New Century’s Pipeline Portal, we can assist customers in implementation, data consolidation, data maintenance, and advanced analysis. Don’t even know what APR is or what it can offer your organization? Don’t worry; we’re on top of that too. In fact, we are offering an APR Training at the end of January to help you learn the latest in pipeline GIS technology.   

Leverage our Expertise

It can be hard to find enough qualified resources to complete projects in a timely manner. It’s even harder to keep up with new and changing regulations for audits. You’re not alone and we want to help! Integrity Plus can help from managing data to performing mock audits. Our teams are made up of years of experience and leadership in the pipeline industry. Our experts are always looking for ways to extend that knowledge through education and industry conferences. In fact, our Sr. Director of Integrity Management, Robin Magelky, just passed the Professional Engineering exam! Let us alleviate the pressure of getting someone up-to-speed while fighting against a deadline and save your organization the pain of getting fined for not meeting regulations.

Commitment to Improvement

In 2016, our software team focused on improving our applications’ functionality by decreasing bugs and increasing quality through valuable enhancements. We want to carry this through 2017 by getting more customer input. We want to know how our users are interacting with our software on a daily basis to get a clearer picture of workflows and needs. We are also planning user groups to get a preview of releases to provide feedback on functionality. Our goal is to make our users’ jobs easier through the use of our software, not harder, and hope to achieve this by bringing your voices into the process.

We want to know what your 2017 resolutions and goals are. Contact us to let us know how we can help you achieve them!

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