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Reasons to Attend the Client Conference Backyard Series

Posted by Stacey on May 13, 2016 3:18:38 PM

Next week, we’re hosting our first-ever Client Conference Backyard Series in Denver, CO. We’re taking the client event experience we’ve become known for client_conference_series_logo_circular.pngand breaking it up into three separate one-day pipeline GIS-fests in Denver, Houston and Oklahoma City.

Why? Because in 2016, we want to do everything in our power to better serve our customers. So, instead of having you come to us … we’re coming to you!

But, proximity isn’t the only reason to attend.

We’re at a pivotal moment in our industry. While the price of oil is certainly changing our perspective, we’re also watching industry experts retire, and every day we see a notice about a long-standing leader moving into a new organization. The speed of technology advancements and ever-changing regulations has kept everyone in our niche space on their toes.

So, at this year’s Client Conference, you’ll see how we’re adapting our HCA analysis tool to prepare you for coming regulations (and pushing results through Portal so you can share them with the non-GIS folks).   We’ll be showcasing how we’re diving head first into ILI data management and leveraging ArcGIS Online to align ILI data to centerlines. We’re warmly embracing the UPDM data model, excited to discuss our plans for implementing APR, and exploring how to turn our PDF alignment sheets into a live web viewer.

At this pivotal moment in our industry, we’re positioning New Century Software and our customers for the next generation of asset management.

We believe our GIS end-users and long-standing customers are key to success in the pipeline industry. We believe that the system of records can grow into the system of engagement, and are committed to sharing YOUR stories and YOUR work with the stakeholders and decision makers in your organizations. Our focus is to serve you, but our goal is to elevate you, share the value of the work you do, express the urgency of your daily tasks, and allow your organization to visualize your efforts, skills, and expertise.

 At this year’s Client Conference, we’re sharing software roadmaps and new functionality while diving deep into discussions with our users about what they need to be successful now and going forward.

There’s still time to sign up… see you there! View the Denver full agenda and conference details here

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