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SRA 3.0: Brains & Beauty

Posted by Sarah on Oct 9, 2015 5:40:55 AM

New Century understands Integrity Management like no other software vendor. In fact, we recently launched an entire division dedicated to integrity analysis and consulting (read: Integrity Plus). With that in mind, we are constantly looking for bigger and better ways to help you quickly and accurately keep tabs on your pipeline risk. Our most recent innovation was updating our classic analysis application, Spatial Risk Analyst (SRA).

First on the list, brains. We used our own in-house Risk Analysis Managers and Engineers to reinvent SRA - the application that they use Our risk experts weighed in on the workflow, the usability, the features, and the key functionality that allows them to best do their jobs. They provided input on methodology best practices, risk models, data sources, and considerations that only a wiz in risk management truly understands to ensure it will meet the needs of our risk clients.

Then, beauty. We transitioned to a more streamlined and workflow-driven user interface that isn’t only easy on the eyes, it’s just plain easier to use! The left-hand navigation intuitively guides you step-by-step through data connection, model building, execution, and viewing/reporting your results.

SRA Results Graph Screenshot

Is that all? Of course not.

Another enhancement (featured below) is the replacement of right-click functionality with a modern toolbar for quick and easy model building (the right-click still works, don’t worry!). An alphabetical list of all model elements has been added to a right-hand panel for simple adding, editing or cloning of elements.

SRA Model Element Tree

And, the Model Execution has also been revamped to streamline navigation and workflow, making it easier than ever to execute on multiple routes, work by hierarchy, and write results to a file or database. You can even add Scenarios, such as earthquakes and avalanches, to see changes in data, or create overrides to allow data to be overridden in the algorithm without making any changes to the actual data in the table.

SRA Model Execution Screenshot

So, let’s show everyone! Sharing models and model details has become an integral part of the application. Users can export an Algorithm Report to share details such as variables and model logic, making any model easily replicable. A Basic User Level was also added so that select users can view the model, tables and model elements, providing valuable feedback without implementing any changes.

Want more?? Come on, who wouldn’t? Sign up today for our FREE webinar on SRA 3.0, hosted by New Century’s Lynette Lyddane, Integrity Management Software Guru, and Integrity Plus’s Rupesh Muthyala, Wizard of Risk Analysis. Attendees will get to see the application in all its new glory and understand how our own risk managers use it day-to-day.

Sign Up Now: Tuesday, November 3, 2015 1 PM MST/2 PM CST. (P.S. This webinar is for pipeline operators only.)

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