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Posted by Jennifer on Feb 1, 2017 11:00:00 AM

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In the oil and gas pipeline industry there's always something in the news whether it's good, bad or just informational. Getting through all of this news can be daunting, so we thought we'd help out and found some articles for you to peruse to stay in the loop.  
Stopping Corrosion Using Chemically Bonded Phosphate Ceramics

(North American Oil & Gas Pipelines- Del Williams)

"With oil and gas prices down by half from their recent highs, operations managers and corrosion engineers are finding that one of the best ways to cut costs and survive the downturn is to eliminate the ongoing costs associated with corroison control on in-service structures made of carbon steel.

Now a new generation of anit-corrosion coating, called chemically bonded phosphate ceramics, is poised to cost-effectively stop such corrosion, improve safety and extend tank, pipeline and equipment life in the oil and gas industry while minimizing maintenance and downtime."


Pipeline Pigging for Better Results

(North American Oil & Gas Pipelines- Russ Sander)

"Inspecting, cleaning or batching between different products in a pipeline would be exceedingly difficult without the use of a pig, especially if the task is required without the interruption of product flow. But how do you select the best pig for intended purpose?"


Natural Gas, Renewables Growth Surging to 2035, Says BP

(Natural Gas Intelligence- Carolyn D)

"Natural gas demand continues to grow faster worldwide than oil or coal, and the rapid expansion in liquefied gas exports soon will create an integrated market anchored by U.S. pricing, BP plc said Wednesday.

The 2017 edition of the annual BP Energy Outlook, which provides key trends for fossil fuels, renewables and carbon policy to 2035, was unveiled in London by Group CEO Bob Dudley and chieft economist Spencer Dale. The "world will almost certainly turn out differently" than the outlook, Dale said, but the judgements presented "add real value" concerning the risks and uncertainty ahead."


Technology Development Key to Creating Value, Solving Technical Challenges

(The American Oil & Gas Reporter- Tom Williams)

"The key to driving economic returns throughout the process--spanning the complete life cycle of an oil and gas asset (from discovery to enhanced recovery)--is leveraging technology at each decision point and in every discipline to reduce financial and operational risks."


Canadian Drillers Brave Deep Freeze as Oil Patch Revives Growth

(Boe Report- Bloomberg)

"From the tight-oil plays of Saskatchewan to the oil sand of northern Alberta, Canada's energy producers are returning to growth mode after more than two years enduring the worst market rout in decades. They are leaner and more efficient after cutting staff, shelving projects and reducing costs since the downturn. Cheaper crude doesn't feel so painful any longer."

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