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We’re All In … To Ensure Safety & Reliability

Posted by Stacey on Apr 16, 2015 10:28:02 AM

For the last 20 years, New Century Software has been keeping pace with an ever-evolving pipeline industry and our ever-innovating partner, Esri. As the needs of our niche market segment and the complexities of energy consumption have progressed, we’ve advanced alongside due largely to our partnerships with Esri, with PODS, and most importantly, our customers.

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New Century Speaking at PUG!

Posted by Stacey on Mar 25, 2015 3:24:17 AM

The Esri Petroleum GIS Conference (fondly known as PUG) is right around the corner! We're looking forward to once again sponsoring the event and will be hanging out in booth #511 during the show. Be sure stop by for an on-site demo, grab some swag and get to know the New Century team!

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What's New in Facility Manager 5.0

Posted by Stacey on Jan 22, 2015 5:05:38 AM

In early January, New Century Software announced the release of Facility Manager 5.0. As one of our first applications, Facility Manager has been integral part of our suite of software for many years, and its most recent enhancements and functionality have been much anticipated.

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Top 3 New Year Resolutions for Pipeline Operators

Posted by Stacey on Jan 7, 2015 2:58:42 AM

2015 is upon us and the year ahead is wide open for opportunity. Like many of you, the folks here at New Century Software have a handful of resolutions to accomplish in the next twelve months. We have the usual assortment of personal goals: get fit, manage stress, take a vacation, etc. But we also have aspirations for our company and our customers.

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Meet New Century Software's Newest Team Members!

Posted by Stacey on Dec 18, 2014 6:57:17 AM

Here at New Century Software, we’ve been growing. And, we’re going to continue to expand our workforce in response to the increasing demand for pipeline integrity management expertise and a rapidly evolving suite of pipeline GIS applications. (Say that ten times fast.)

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Topics: Integrity Management, GIS Jobs, Data Management, GIS, Compliance

Pipeline Repurposing: The Oil and Gas Industry is Innovating

Posted by Shelly on Nov 13, 2014 1:47:51 AM

It has been said, “The oil and gas industry’s approach to change has often been compared to the formation of fossil fuels themselves: slow, steady and done under pressure” (Jeff Wilson). However, this adage no longer holds true in many industry circles.

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Let's Discuss: New Positional Accuracy Requirement

Posted by Shelly on Nov 5, 2014 1:37:27 AM

PHMSA, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, has requested that a new positional accuracy requirement be added to the NPMS, the National Pipeline Mapping System dataset.

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What You’ll Learn in PODS 201

Posted by Stacey on Oct 21, 2014 3:37:59 PM

Next week, we’re heading down to Houston, TX for the first-ever Pipeline Week! We’ll be exhibiting, presenting case studies with clients, and hosting a party with our friends at CartoPac. We’re not just excited, we can’t wait!

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Pipe vs. Rail — Considering the Impacts of Transmission

Posted by Shelly on Jul 23, 2014 7:00:02 AM

Hogwarts Express
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It's Here: The New Century Software Blog

Posted by Stacey on Jul 7, 2014 5:40:24 AM

Hello and welcome to the New Century Software Blog! Here you’ll find news and updates from a team of bloggers who are dedicated to sharing information that helps you to enable safe and reliable energy transportation.

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