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Visualize Data History

Posted by Jennifer on Apr 7, 2016 10:00:00 AM

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To ensure data quality and accuracy, operators are editing and maintaining their data around the clock. Often, when changes are made in a database, it can be difficult to visualize when and where the edits occur on the pipeline.

In the upcoming SheetCutter & TemplateDesigner 9.0 release, we at New Century have provided a solution, allowing users to visualize the history of their assets. This new functionality allows users to add history bands to their templates based on chosen schemas, and to view inserted, updated and deleted data along the centerline.

 Users will be able to efficiently identify:

  • when and where changes occur
  • missing or incorrect data
  • activity since the last generated sheet



The creation of history bands can also be used when creating reports for multiple departments across the enterprise including the GIS, integrity and regulatory compliance teams. Within all areas of the pipeline industry, everything comes down to having traceable, verifiable, and complete data, and SheetCutter 9.0 offers yet another way to ensure that happens.

 To see a demo of this new functionality and others, sign up for our SheetCutter 9.0: Enhanced Data Model Support and Improved Reporting webinar today (April 7th, 2016).

Topics: PODS, GIS, NCS, sctd

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