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We’re All In … To Ensure Safety & Reliability

Posted by Stacey on Apr 16, 2015 10:28:02 AM

For the last 20 years, New Century Software has been keeping pace with an ever-evolving pipeline industry and our ever-innovating partner, Esri. As the needs of our niche market segment and the complexities of energy consumption have progressed, we’ve advanced alongside due largely to our partnerships with Esri, with PODS, and most importantly, our customers.

We’re fresh off a week in Houston at the Esri Petroleum GIS Conference and we spent a lot of time talking to our customers and business partners about the platform. Eager to showcase our own ability to utilize all that the platform offers, we snagged a snippet of code off Github (thanks, Esri!), leveraged the security of named users, and provided live demo’s at PUG featuring SheetCutter integrated with ArcGIS Online.


But we didn’t do it for the oohs and ahhs alone. (Although, the applause was appreciated.) We did it because our customers have been asking for a solution to access alignment sheets anytime, from anywhere.

We make it a habit to listen carefully to our customer’s needs and expectations so we can develop the solutions that best fit their whole business – not just one department. And, in the last year alone we’ve made enormous strides to reach beyond the GIS department and work with the entire pipeline organization – at the request of our customers.

How? We hired the best of the best when it comes to DOT Compliance and Integrity Management. We released Pipeline Insights, our business intelligence tool aimed at providing pipeline GIS data in a format easily digested by non-GIS professionals. We launched FastTrack GIS Services to process survey data in record time to report to operators and grade surveyors, all while the pipe is still above ground. We released Alignment Manager to align ILI and CIS data with your centerline data.

And, as featured last week, we’re leveraging ArcGIS online and hosted GIS services to put alignment sheets, risk results and integrity information at the fingertips of EVERYONE. Just log in to AGOL now and check our latest public maps! For us, it’s no surprise that it’s time to leverage GIS enterprise-wide and we’re thrilled that Esri is providing the platform to enable just that.

From the field to the cube to the pig launcher to the boardroom, we’re eager to harness the power of the data we hold in our GIS. Our customers have pushed us to integrate GIS with other business units and Esri is providing the platform to simplify that transition.

Our pipeline technology gives insight and spatial visibility to stakeholders who can make better business decisions to ensure the safety and reliability of their pipelines – and we’re all in for that.

Want more? Integrating SheetCutter with AGOL is only the beginning. This is just the first post in a series we’ve developed to help users across your organization understand how our solutions support pipeline operators in all departments.

And P.S. Visit us at booth 2101 in July at the Esri UC to see what’s next from New Century Software.

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